Spring comes, here are 4 pieces of advice to go back to your bike

Spring is coming: 4 useful tips for getting back on your bike and not getting caught unprepared

The arrival of spring causes numerous changes in our body, the days that lengthen and the increase in light cause the metabolism to accelerate naturally. It is a great time to start cycling training because the body and the muscles are more active and ready to get stronger.

It is an important moment to resume the activity after the winter break in the best way and not be caught unprepared for the warm season. We must therefore start in time and pay attention to some fundamental aspects such as the type of training, equipment and power.

1 Training in time

After the winter discharge period it is usually a good idea to start with a period of general preparation, with long outings at low pace, to rehabilitate the body to exertion without excessive stress. It is important to start early with this type of outings, perhaps in the final part of winter, to be ready to take one more step during the spring period. In this way it is in fact possible to advance in advance to specific exits in which the physicist, more ready, can be subjected to a higher stress that allows to improve the performances in view of the summer commitments.

It is also useful to continue the training in the gym started during the winter, which allows to increase the strength and resistance of the muscles in preparation for the cycling season and makes it possible to train the body in a harmonious way without focusing only on the legs. In this period, moreover, it is good to devote time to stretching that allows to loosen muscles and joints and allows the body to more easily recover the form necessary for a more demanding physical activity after a period of less intense activity.

2 Select clothing

The spring period is a period of transition. The temperatures are not as rigid as during the winter but often they are not very high yet, in addition there is always the risk of sudden changes in atmospheric conditions. It is useful to have a versatile clothing that allows you to adapt to different conditions and it can be indicated to dress in layers in order to be able to react to changing temperatures without too much difficulty and without wasting too much time.

Compared to winter it can be useful to avoid an intimate layer that is too heavy. It is also worth considering when to abandon long-sleeved shirts and long trousers and to rely on leggings and sleeves. It may be useful to equip oneself with accessories such as technical fabric gilets that increase wind resistance and maintain the temperature of the trunk without compromising on comfort, also avoiding the risk of excessive sweating.

It is also essential to have a cape with you to use in case of rain or a sharp drop in temperature.

3 Bike Check

Often at the beginning of spring the bicycle is taken back after a period of inactivity. This is an important moment to check the conditions of your vehicle and intervene where necessary to restart the activity safely. The winter break and the period just before the recovery of the activity are perfect to replace worn parts and avoid problems and slowdowns once the training period has started.

The conditions of all the consumables such as the tires and the elements that make up the brakes must be checked. It may be convenient to replace cables and sheaths, check the adjustment of the derailleurs, and it is important to check the lengthening of the transmission. We often forget to check the tensioning of the spokes which is however essential for maintaining the correct shape of the wheels. Finally, good control of the locks must be put into practice, screws and bolts must be set for the safety of your ride.

4 Adapting to change: nutrition

We have already referred to the important changes that the arrival of spring causes in our organism. The increase in the quantity and intensity of light leads to a decrease in melatonin production compared to winter, while the level of neurotransmitters that activate metabolism such as serotonin and dopamine rises. Furthermore, the adrenal glands increase the production of steroids and anabolics involved in strengthening muscle mass.

The organism therefore becomes more performing, but to do it in the best way it is necessary to combine training with the right nutrition. The accelerated metabolism, in fact, puts a strain on the liver that is called to increase its purification activity, it is important to avoid overloading it with excessive sugar consumption or alcohol consumption.

Furthermore, the increase in temperature means that we need to hydrate ourselves more carefully. Although it may be useful to awaken from spring drowsiness, caffeine should be avoided as it is a diuretic that makes the hydration process more difficult.

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