1st GP Alka – Memorial “Migliorati Vincenzo”

Alka is pleased to present the cycling race – a chronometer in pairs – to be held on Sunday 5 July in Ghedi (BS). The 1st GP Alka will be valid as the 7th round of the Leonessa ’99 provincial circuit and as the 3rd round of the provincial championship cronomen CSI teams The competition, open to all bodies and institutions, includes 3 categories and prizes for the first 5 pairs and prizes for the first 8 pairs of the two most numerous categories.The registrations are open until Friday 3 July and include a registration fee of € 24.00 and € 30.00 during the competition day To register, you can contact Mr. Chiarini on 329 54 98 169 or send an email to sperlari1@yahoo.it or ciclileonessa@libero.it.

More information can be found on our flyer downloadable from here.

We hope many of you will come.

Event sheet

1° GP Alka – Memorial “Migliorati Vincenzo”
Chronometer cycling race in pairs First GP Alka in memory of Migliorati vincenzonzo
When: 2015-07-05 – 2015-07-05
Where: Ghedi
Via Industriale, 94,

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